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This week we get together for worship, and ministry from God's word brought to us by David Hughes.

Academy is our training ground for kids aged

7 - 18yrs

Through music, tech, dance and more, we want to create an environment where they can grow their giftings, to be used to bless the whole church.

Hey ladies! 

This one's just for us!  We love to get together every two weeks or so, just to catch up, pray with each other, bless each other, maybe help do some decorating or cleaning for someone, and of course to drink coffee (or tea if you must!).

Having a good laugh together, talking about everyday life and how we can discover God in whatever we're doing; our jobs, the school runs, at the gym, whatever it may be!  We enjoy a couple of hours together just being us.  If you'd like to find out more please get in contact!  Our next time together can be found out below.  XX

The next DISCOVER:ladieslife is :

Wednesday 18th July at 10.00am

(this will be the last meeting before we break over the summer holidays!)

For the address of this weeks group please text : 07951 457452

or email us at -

Think you've got what it takes to be a Superhero?  Hmm, that's tough right?!  Where do I begin? what stuff do I need?  Where do I go for help?  Whom can I trust?  Who is my enemy? Maybe you're thinking you can't or you're too young?  The good news is that with God on our side, no matter how big, small, old or young with Him anything is possible!



This is the running theme behind our superheroes kids group.  Meeting on Sunday mornings for learning about the Bible, having games, worship and teaching, we aim to show that nothing is impossible with God and that children no matter what age can have a deep relationship with Jesus.  


Then on Friday nights from 6.30pm-8.00pm Superheroes meets once again for an hour and a half of games and loads of fun, meeting at Queen's Park during the summer months!

DISCOVER:ABC is something we're really excited about!  A specially designed service for the kids, this is a focused look at the 'what and why' of being a Christian, worded and presented for kids from age 5 and up with loads of games, music, prizes and teaching.


We've stripped out grown-up lingo and phrases, set it in our lounge area and created an atmosphere where the kids can feel free and comfortable to learn and ask questions. 


Running in tandem with our Sunday afternoon service means that parents don't have to make a separate trip and that the course is as accessible as possible. We believe that every child will benefit greatly from this, as others already have by their own response and reports from parents.  


Can't wait to see you there!


10.30am - This morning we meet for community, worship communion, and teaching.  Today we continue in our mini-series #morethanasong  Come in from 10am if you fancy a coffee first!


5.30pm  - This afternoon we meet again because once just isn't enough!  Some more time of being together, connecting and being in God's presence.  See you there :)

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