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Welcome intrepid explorer!  Your coming across this page of the website tells us that you have a keen eye for direction and travel well :)

If that's the case (or even if it's not), you're very much welcome to join us on our next DISCOVER:church walk.  Led by the fearless Brian Downward, a veteran of just about every inch of our fair isle, this is a great chance to breathe in some fresh air, exercise and get a cake and a cappuccino that will bring a tear to your eye!  Details of the next walk are below.  

The next DISCOVER:church walk is Saturday 14th September.

We leave the church at 9 am. Space on the minibus is by request, you can add your name on the signup sheet in the foyer, or call us on 01202 298123.  

This time the walk will be around the New Forest.

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