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Hi everyone!   We can't wait for DISCOVER:summercamp, and we know that the kids can't either!

For ages 7 - 15yrs, located in West Sussex, this is 7 days of great food, loads of games, water fights, camp fires, hot chocolate, worship times, teaching, prayer, barbecues, tuck shop and even a day out to Drusillas Park. 


We leave for summer camp on Saturday 28th July, returning Friday August 3rd.  Will your kids becoming with us?  Spaces are limited so we recommend you book as soon as possible.  The cost is only £120 per child, this includes food, accommodation, transport and day trip. The full balance for your family must be paid by Sunday 22nd July.  More info is available on request. 


Now then, please be sure to give your details below.  Then underneath the form you will find some options for making payments directly to us, either a deposit (£20 per child), the full balance, (£120.00 per child) or you can make custom payments until you reach the required amount needed for your child(ren) to go.  

So what are you waiting for?!  Go ahead and book and get your kids excited!!

DISCOVER:payment options

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